Trump Has an All-Out Meltdown in Front of the Press

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

After live-tweeting through most of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony in Congress today, President Trump briefly took questions from reporters at the White House and promptly had a total meltdown.


Journalists recounted asking him straightforward questions about the report only to have him sneer back things like “YOU’RE untruthful when you ask that question.”

Trump also got very testy about the notion of “exoneration”:

Although the president doesn’t usually call reporters “fake news” to their faces, he’s had hissy fits like this before. But this one was significantly more tantrum-y. Look at this big baby head insisting “No, he didn’t say that!” and saying Mueller put forward a “fake set of facts.”


Although Republicans and the conservative media were already doing victory laps over the testimony, Trump’s anger doesn’t seem like he feels he won this round. A great way to round out a day that made me feel wonderful and optimistic about the future!

Contributing Writer, Splinter