Trump Implies That He Probably Could Have Stopped 9/11 (He Famously Did Not)

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Your president is on the timeline today doing what I frankly can’t believe it took him this long: implying he could’ve stopped 9/11 because he just knew that Osama bin Laden guy was up to no good.


He tweeted Monday morning (rise and shine!):

Couple instant favorites here, “Fools!..” and “$Billions” among them (viral marketing for my parents’ favorite TV show? Could be!)

The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake went to the source material at hand, in which the future president questioned a transient like bin Laden being elevated to “public enemy number one.”


Another day, another Trump lie. But this one is especially funny to me because he’s taking a page from Mark Wahlberg, another famous guy who said he basically could’ve stopped 9/11, if only he’d been there. Let’s hope Trump doesn’t fuck it up should the sequel come around, shall we?

Managing Editor, Splinter