Trump Insists He Definitely Didn't Make Meeting With Republicans Super Awkward

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Before leaving for yet another campaign rally in Duluth, MN (Go Bulldogs!), President Donald Trump insisted congressional Republican definitely applauded him after he made disparaging jokes about outgoing South Carolina Congressman Mark Sanford during a closed-door meeting Tuesday night.

Applause! Laughter! Friendship!

Unfortunately—but unsurprisingly—for Trump, that kumbaya sesh seems to have existed only in his own addled brain. For everyone else at the meeting, Trump’s remarks were reportedly met with either an awkward silence, or a few muffled “boos,” depending on who you ask.


Politico’s Jake Sherman reported:

Michigan Republican Congressman Justin Amash went so far as to go on the record, calling Trump’s remarks a “classless cheap shot.” (Trump endorsed Sandford’s Republican primary opponent, Katie Arrington, who went on to win the race.)


Of course, you can’t totally blame the president for completely botching this one; I’m sure at least one or two of Trump’s most ardent congressional bootlickers (King, Rohrabacher, I’m lookin’ at you here...) actually were just saying “Boo-urns

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