Trump Insists He Will Not Apologize for Being Super-Racist

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Standing alongside Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari in the White House Rose Garden, President Donald Trump stoutly defended his history of racism on Monday, insisting that he had “nothing to apologize for” when asked whether an act of contrition toward immigrants might help bolster his administration’s legal argument for its travel ban.

“I don’t think it would,” Trump snapped, interrupting Washington Times reporter Steve Miller before he could even finish the question. “And, there’s no reason to apologize.”


“I think if I apologize it wouldn’t make ten cents worth of difference for them,” Trump continued. “There’s nothing to apologize for.”

As a refresher, here are just a few of the things the president has said about immigrants, migrants, and asylum seekers hoping to come to the United States.

But hey, nothing to apologize for here, folks!

Trump then turned his attention to the Central American refugee caravan currently blocked from seeking asylum in the United States:

I’ve been watching for weeks as the caravan came up. You know the Mexican laws are very tough on immigration. Extremely tough. It started out with way over a thousand people. I guess now it’s down to about 100, going all through Mexico—people don’t realize what a big country Mexico is.


He continued a few minutes later, insisting on the necessity of his long-promised border wall because it would be very hard to climb over.

Where they are, even though it’s not a particularly good wall, and even though a small percentage can climb to the top—they have to be in extremely good shape, but a small percentage can climb that particular wall. We have a wall that’s much more difficult. But, if you didn’t have that, you’d have thousands of people just pouring into our country. You gotta have a wall.


Mexico is big, and walls are tough to climb unless you’re in extremely good shape. This has been a message from the President of the United States.

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