Trump Is Continuing His Big Meltdown About Justin Trudeau

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You may have heard about Donald Trump’s stellar performance at the G7 this weekend, and the White House’s subsequent meltdown after Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau announced retaliatory tariffs against the U.S.


Well, surprise surprise, it’s still going. Just look at this shit:

Fool trade.

Later, after landing in Singapore, he was back at it:


Only Trudeau really stands to gain from this whole fiasco. As the Washington Post reported on Saturday, Trudeau’s opponents in the left-leaning New Democratic Party as well as the Conservative Party praised him after this weekend, no small deal after a right-winger won control of Canada’s biggest province last week. As for Trump, polling has shown that his protectionist stance on trade is costing him support in areas that made up of his base of support in 2016. And nationally, a Reuters poll in March showed that Trump’s approval rating on trade plummeted seven points in a year.

Adding to the embarrassment for Trump was a leak on Sunday that he told French president Emmanuel Macron during Macron’s visit in April that the European Union was “worse than China”—the country Trump declared a trade war with a few weeks later—when it came to trade.


Now Trump turns his attention to trying to strike a deal with a country that the U.S. has been open adversaries with for over half a century, a summit which he has already admitted he absolutely did not prepare for.


Should be a fun time.

News editor, Splinter