Trump Is Definitely Reading His Far-Right Bible Homework

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As you may know, every week as many as 10 members of Donald Trump’s Cabinet meet for an evangelical Bible study with a large man (he’s 7 ft tall!) named Ralph Drollinger. Outside of this White House Bible Study, Drollinger is best known for deeming it sinful for a mother to hold public office (because she has children to take care of), so it’s...concerning that he has the ear of the people surrounding the Tasmanian Devil that is our nation’s leader. He even reportedly has Trump’s ear—up to a point.

The group prohibits female leadership in both Bible study (sorry Betsy DeVos?) and marriage, and part of Drollinger’s teachings include that “scripture does not support Communism.” He also thinks that believing in human-driven climate change is an “ultra-hubristic” assertion of the power of man over God and that “homosexuality and same-sex ceremonies are illegitimate in God’s eyes.” Very chill, very chill.

While Trump himself doesn’t attend the meetings, Drollinger reportedly sends him copies of the reading materials—a misguided effort seeing as how Trump doesn’t read. But apparently Trump does respond to the material the only way he knows how. In an interview with the BBC, Drollinger tells all:

“He writes me back notes on my bible studies,” says Drollinger.

“He’s got this leaky Sharpie felt-tip pen that he writes all capital letters with. ‘Way to go Ralph, really like this study, keep it up.’ Stuff like that.”


Yes, Trump treats his weekly 8-page Bible study brief like a second grade teacher. He may as well put a “Great Job!” sticker on it. Sure is something that Donald Trump clearly doesn’t give a damn about Christian teachings despite having the backing of Christian conservatives—but obviously it’s more distressing that someone like Drollinger has been espousing extremist views directly to the leaders of our country.