Trump Is Mad that His Cabinet Is as Dumb and Corrupt as He Is

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Donald Trump is reportedly pissed off about the very bad and corrupt group of people he’s assembled as his Cabinet, which he once called the “finest group of people ever assembled as a Cabinet.”

Tuesday’s firing of Exxon Mobil gremlin turned Secretary of State Rex Tillerson looks like it might only be the beginning. According to the Associated Press, Trump’s confidence in his Cabinet has faded and he is telling confidants that he wants to “get rid of the dead weight.” (It feels like only yesterday that Trump forced all his Cabinet members to go around and praise him one by one.)


Unfortunately for Trump, his cabinet is 100% dead weight.

There’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson, who has been under fire for spending $31,000 in public money on a furniture set for his HUD office. Carson’s spokesperson previously claimed that the secretary was not involved in the purchase of the set, but FOIAed emails released on Wednesday morning show that Carson and his wife picked out the furniture themselves.


There’s Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. On Tuesday, Zinke was questioned by Democrats in a Senate hearing about his use of public funds for private flights. Zinke argued, “I never took a private jet anywhere,” because the planes he used had propellers, not jet engines, which is a very rich person’s distinction. Zinke also spent $139,000 on what we can presume are beautiful hobbit doors.

There’s Veteran Affairs Secretary David Shulkin. Last month, an internal report found that Shulkin’s office had violated ethics by using public money to cover expenses for his wife’s 10-day visit to Europe. According to the AP, Trump is considering replacing Shulkin with Energy Secretary Rick Perry.

There’s EPA chief Scott Pruitt. Just today, it was reported that Pruitt actually spent closer to $43,000 on a soundproof phone booth in his office last fall, rather than $25,000 as previously reported.

Then, of course, there’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who recently humilated herself in an interview with 60 Minutes, where she struggled to answer basic questions about her job, making it seem very suspect that she’s ever stepped foot in a public school in her life.


And that’s not even to mention Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, who resigned in September after spending over $400,000 on private flights.

Trump is very unhappy that the Cabinet that he personally picked out is full of grifters and idiots, so he’s apparently cleaning house. Turns out there’s only room for one very corrupt and stupid person in the White House.