Trump is Promising 'Strong Action' on Immigration Today, Which Can't Be Good At All

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After vowing to send the military to guard the southern border with Mexico, President Trump darkly teased taking “strong action” on immigration later today.


A reminder of some of Trump’s other actions on immigration that could objectively be characterized as “strong”: two versions of his Muslim travel ban; ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program; and uh, a sweeping directive to round up undocumented men, women, and children en masse for deportation.


The New York Times reported that the administration is preparing new legislation to block asylum seekers—including unaccompanied children—and migrants as the president has spent days obsessing over a “caravan” of hundreds of desperate immigrants fleeing gang violence in Central America and heading toward the U.S. through Mexico.

It remains unclear how many National Guard troops Trump will send to the border. Trump’s aides reportedly “struggled for hours” to decode his plans after he denounced the country’s immigration laws on Tuesday as “pathetic” and “so weak” that they’ve “basically created no border.” Yes, because that would be just terrible.

Whatever’s coming, it certainly can’t be good.

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