Trump Is Really Going to Make Mexico Pay For A Border Wall—He Swears!

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President Donald Trump is clearly getting desperate ahead of his upcoming 100 days in office and the pending budget battle over his beautiful border wall. He badly needs a win, some kind of win, any win on the wall.

The thing is, there is virtually no way Mexico is going to pay for his ridiculous wall that only he and his anti-immigrant supporters in non-border states seem to want. Solution? Groveling in presidential desperation, of course! Winning!

On Sunday, Trump tweeted:


So how is Mexico going to pay for the wall (for the millionth time)?

Well, we have Trump’s comments from last year, when he was still a candidate and everything was so much easier:


“It’s so easy. It’s so easy,” Trump barked during an MSNBC-sponsored town hall in February 2016. “Believe me. Let me tell you. Believe me. Let me tell you. Can I tell you? We’re going to have a trade deficit [with Mexico] this year of $58 billion. The wall’s going to cost a fraction of that. Maybe $10 million or $12 million [yes, he said “million], and it’s going to be a real wall, it’s going to be a high wall, it’s going to be beautiful. It’s going to be a wall.”

And how is Mexico going to pay for it (again)?

“All I have to do is start playing with that trade deficit, and believe me. They’re going to pay for the wall.”