Trump Is Really Off His Rocker With His Latest Anti-Immigrant Screed

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President Donald Trump kicked off his Thursday with an unhinged attack on four separate Central American countries acting, he insisted, at the behest of...congressional Democrats. Oh, and he also threatened to declare martial law in order to entirely shut down the United State’s southern border with Mexico. All before 8 a.m.


Trump’s rant comes less than 24-hours after the president threatened to withhold all American funds to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, following reports that a newly constituted Central American caravan of asylum seekers had swelled to more than 1,000 people. And last weekend, Trump defended his administration’s policy of ripping children from their families, an idea that some in the White House reportedly think we should give another go.

As a reminder, seeking asylum is an entirely legal means of immigration, whether the president likes it or not. Which, as he’s made clear, he doesn’t.

So, to recap: The president is threatening to use the U.S. military to shut down the southern border because he claims Democrats are encouraging asylum seekers to do something that is completely legal. Today is off to a great start.

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