Trump is suddenly talking about a new immigration order after his Muslim ban's defeat in court

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Just days after his Muslim travel ban was handed its most recent defeat by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, President Donald Trump is reportedly looking into a possible second immigration order.


Trump himself cryptically hinted to reporters on Friday afternoon that he "very well could" craft a new order, but that "in honor" of the court's decision, he would wait until Monday or Tuesday to unveil it. What could it look like?

"New security measures."

OK then.

While it's unclear what, specifically, Trump's forthcoming order would entail, NBC News reported on Friday that administration officials are working on revising the current Muslim ban to withstand future legal challenges.

News of Trump's potential executive action comes as the White House announced to Fox News reporter John Roberts that it would not appeal the Ninth Circuit's ruling to the Supreme Court, as had been widely expected.

Rather, Fox News' Fin Gomez reported, the White House would "fight it out in US district court in Seattle on the merits of executive order."


It appears, then, that the Trump administration is planning for several contingencies—one in which its existing Muslim ban is maintained, pending the current, ongoing legal actions against it, and one in which subsequent, more legally palatable executive orders are necessary.