Trump Is Super Cool With Robert Mueller Now for Some Reason

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After months of calling him a conflicted partisan, and repeatedly accusing him of conducting an illegal “witch hunt,” President Donald Trump would like an exhausted nation to know that, actually, Robert Mueller is super cool, and that he has no problem with releasing the special counsel’s full report on Russian interference in the 2016 election.


Asked on Monday whether Mueller—whose as-of-now still secret report “does not conclude that [President Donald Trump] committed a crime, [but] also does not exonerate him”—conducted himself honorably over the past two years, Trump answered “yes he did.”

In fact, Trump is such a fan of Mueller’s now that the president said he would have “no problem” with the full report being made public.

Still, despite his newfound bestie status with Mueller, Trump insisted that there should be no more investigations into the president ever again. Investigations into those who asked for the investigation, sure, because they did “evil things. But, no more investigations into the White House. Nope. No way.


I guess time—and a secret report that has only been seen by his political appointee—really does heal all wounds.

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