Trump Is Turning to His Large Adult Sons for Advice on Guns

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If anyone has been concerned about President Donald Trump’s ability to have a nuanced discussion about the reality of gun laws in America in a way that leads to real change, don’t worry. He’s consulting with a great team of truly level-headed and normal people. Just kidding, he’s getting advice from his sons, Thing 1 and Thing 2—I mean, Don Jr. and Eric.

According to the Washington Post, Trump, clearly in over his head with this president thing, has been asking just about everyone he knows for advice on guns. (He may have held a “listening session” with those impacted by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, but Trump is probably as good a listener as he is a reader.) In his apparent desperation, he has turned to his children. From the Post:

Trump spent the Presidents’ Day holiday weekend at Mar-a-Lago with his two adult sons, both avid hunters and gun rights advocates, who assured him that he had more political flexibility than others around him realized to push for small legislative changes that they viewed as “common sense.”


It seems these “common sense” ideas are what Trump already threw out at the listening session. He was passionate about the idea of arming and training teachers, something that will absolutely put more people in danger of gun violence. He also thought he could solve the problem by raising the minimum age for purchasing assault rifles from 18 to 21, something that would not stop mass shooters who used assault rifles after they turned 21. Yes, very common sense!

Also, in case you forgot, Donald Trump Jr. appears to have supported some insane conspiracy theories casting an outspoken teenage survivor of the Stoneman High School shooting as an FBI plant. Eric Trump is busy accusing Democrats of staging a “Russia hoax.” And both love killing elephants! So these are the perfect people to be helping shape our gun laws.