Trump: Journalists [Checks Notes] Don't Deserve to Die

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After Thursday’s mass shooting at Annapolis, MD’s Capital Gazette newspaper, President Donald Trump said on Friday that “journalists, like all Americans, should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job.”

Trump’s remarks are a clear break from the president’s previously stated national security policy, which labeled the bulk of the mass media as “the enemy of the American people!


It’s unclear whether the president’s newfound respect for journalism will extend beyond the borders of Fox News, or if the press will remain caged and subjected to the violent delights of his crazed MAGA minions at Trump’s next campaign rally. Perhaps only time will tell.

At no point did the president even attempt to broach the issue of guns (the Gazette shooter used a legally purchased 12-gauge shotgun), although he did manage to offer “our warmest, best wishes, and regrets” to the victims like a goddamned mush-brain. Then he went back to what he was really at the mic to do: gloat about his tax cuts.

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