Trump Just Can't Stop Suffering Huge, Humiliating Defeats Over His Muslim Ban

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President Donald Trump has a new thorn in his side: the federal judge in Hawaii who just indefinitely extended a hold on the president's revamped Muslim travel ban.

After hearing arguments in the case on Wednesday, U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson issued a nationwide preliminary injunction barring Trump's ban–the version created with court challenges in mind–from being implemented.

Watson had previously issued a temporary restraining order against Trump's signature policy on the evening of March 15, just one day before the executive order temporarily banning residents of six predominantly Muslim countries from entering the US and suspending the refugee was slated to take effect.


But unlike that order, the new injunction will last indefinitely, pending any ruling reversing it from a higher court, as BuzzFeed News points out.

And just like Trump's first hamfisted attempt at a Muslim ban, this order is embroiled in court battles beyond Hawaii.

Are we sick of winning yet, Mr. President?

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