Trump Mad at 'Unstable Nut Job' Who Is Miraculously Not Him

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President Donald Trump, like many cliche megalomaniacs, prizesloyalty” over almost anything else. What happens when someone violates his nebulous concept of that word? He becomes a big squalling baby. Today’s case in point: Anthony Scaramucci, who has pivoted his personal brand from Trump ally to Trump foe for uh, reasons.

This is likely a response to Scaramucci announcing on CNN that he is assembling a group of former Trump Cabinet officials to denounce the president before the 2020 election. The proper response to this utterly idiotic declaration that will go nowhere and hurt Trump’s re-election chances in no way whatsoever is “sure, whatever dude.” But instead, it seems to have touched a nerve!


Scaramucci is, outside of this context, an utterly non-newsworthy person. He served as a greasy mouthpiece for the administration for 11 days in 2017, made a weird, insult-filled call to DC access-hound Ryan Lizza, and then got fired. He then parlayed this singular achievement in politics into a still-running grift of TV appearances, book deals, and whatever else he could do to stay relevant in even if it means his wife decides to leave him (again). We’ll see how that goes for him!