Trump Organization Scrambles to Fire Undocumented Employees at Golf Courses

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In spite of his bigoted, anti-immigrant legislative agenda, President Donald Trump seemed perfectly content to hire undocumented employees at at least five of his golf properties, the Washington Post reported this week. And now, in an embarrassed rush to get straight with U.S. immigration law, the Trump Organization has reportedly fired over a dozen undocumented employees, while admitting that they never fully used the federal system to check their workers’ immigration status in the first place.


According to the Post, at least 18 undocumented workers have been fired from Trump golf courses across New York and New Jersey over the past several weeks, with potentially more on the way. The mass firings were confirmed to the Post by the president’s son Eric, following a Trump Organization audit after undocumented employee Victorina Morales went public with her story to the New York Times in December. Last month, the Trump Organization reportedly let 11 undocumented employees go at its Westchester County golf club.

The Post notes that in addition to the 18 employees let go in this latest purge, there may be more to come, including seasonal workers who would not be re-hired this coming spring and summer. Perhaps most telling, however, is the fact that the Trump organization seemingly admitted to not utilizing E-Verify, the federal employment verification system, to check whether its employees were legally allowed to work in the U.S. Eric Trump said in a statement to the New York Times (emphasis mine):

“We are actively engaged in uniforming this process across our properties and will institute E-verify at any property not currently utilizing this system,’’ Eric Trump, an executive vice president of the company, said in a statement. “As a company we take this obligation very seriously and when faced with a situation in which an employee has presented false and fraudulent documentation, we will take appropriate action.”

I have reached out to the Trump Organization for an explanation as to why they have not already been using the system at all their properties, and will update this story if the organization responds.

In the meantime, the evidence of the Trump organization’s shady hiring practices—including the alleged use of fake green cards and social security numbers—has reportedly been turned over the New Jersey Attorney General’s office. Just what Trump needed: More great legal news.

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