Trump picks anti-LGBTQ hate group leader and abstinence advocate to represent U.S. at global meeting on women’s issues

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The State Department announced earlier this week it would send two outspoken enemies of LGBTQ and women’s rights to the 61st Session of the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women, the global organization’s most important annual meeting on women’s issues.


In a March 13 statement, the State Department said the two public delegates accompanying U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley to the two-week meeting that started last Monday are Lisa Correnti, executive vice president of the Center for Family and Human Rights (C-FAM), and Grace Melton, a conservative activist from the Heritage Foundation. In 2016, the Southern Poverty Law Center listed C-FAM as an active anti-LGBTQ hate group.

According to the Huffington Post:

Correnti is a longtime anti-abortion activist who has argued that ‘gay parenting’ is ‘harmful’ to children. Her organization refers to family planning and contraception as ‘population control’ and has actively lobbied against it.

‘Elite billionaires and powerful governments use the guise of ‘helping poor women’ to extract permanent funding for abortion-promoting and population control groups,’ the group said in a 2012 statement on the London Summit on Family Planning. ‘Contraception will have a higher priority than education, basic health care, infrastructure, and economic improvements’ diverting funding from measures that empower women and communities. None of the contraception programs help pregnant women or newborns.’


Correnti’s bio notes that she also founded, a “Catholic faith and politics blog that encouraged engagement in the public square by educating on the social teachings of the Church.”

Some of her recent writing includes titles such as, “Democrats Desperate to Preserve Obama Legacy on Abortion,” and “Trump’s Overseas Abortion Restrictions will Protect Women and Pro-Life Laws.”

Writing about Trump’s January executive order banning U.S. funding for international organizations that provide abortions or information on abortions—known as the “global gag rule”—Correnti said:

Undeterred by a large women’s protest in Washington DC the day after being sworn in as the nations 45th president, Trump used his executive powers to change course on US global health assistance from promoting abortion to prioritizing health interventions that safeguard the lives of women and children.


Melton is equally prolific with her own publications, such as “In Bed with Radical Feminists: The U.N.’s Misguided Women’s Agenda,” which criticizes the work of the entity U.N. Women and its partner NGOs:

Alarmingly, this radical feminist agenda reduces the diverse economic, political, and social needs of women around the world to issues of sexuality and fertility. At the U.N., nearly every conversation, forum, and program that purports to be concerned with women has a monomaniacal focus on such matters as sexual rights, reproductive health, contraception, and abortion.

The United States, under the Obama Administration, has aided this radical feminist agenda, working in lockstep to promote and fund UN Women and partner with radical NGOs.


Referring to the 2011 Commission on the Status of Women, Melton warns of controversial U.N.-approved curriculum such as (gasp!) “Sexual Rights Are Human Rights.”

She writes:

Not only does the curriculum advocate same-sex marriage and the normalization of homosexuality; it also calls for the acceptance and legalization of prostitution (euphemistically referred to as ‘sex work’) and unencumbered access to legal abortion, which it asserts as a human right. It says that parenthood and marriage need not be related, that gender norms are socially constructed and vary across time and cultures, and that students should be encouraged to explore their sexual desires.


Lord, help us all.

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