Trump Ramps Up His War on NFL Players As the Entire Dallas Cowboys Squad Takes A Knee

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Donald Trump hasn’t stopped his attacks on the “son of a bitch” NFL players protesting police brutality by taking a knee during the national anthem, but the players haven’t stopped protesting either.

The entire squad of the Dallas Cowboys, along with its coaching staff and owner Jerry Jones, decided to take a knee before the anthem during Monday Night Football, a move that, while it hardly packs the same punch as sitting out the national anthem while the rest of the stadium stands at attention, nonetheless enraged our president anew.

Trump tweeted Tuesday morning:


Trump is scratching at the fundamental disconnect at the heart of this act of civil disobedience: of course everyone loves “our country,” but the protest, started by Colin Kaepernick before he was booted out of the NFL, was intended to draw attention to the fact that black Americans don’t feel particularly loved by that country when its police keep gunning people of color down in the streets.

There is indeed “great anger”—but not for the reasons Trump, or any of the white viewers apparently burning their NFL jerseys because they hate this act of protest so much, seem to understand.



  • Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. tried to “bump” their younger half-sister Tiffany off her inheritance of their father’s fortune. That’s according to...Donald Trump, who said it on a newly surfaced interview with Howard Stern which was published by Newsweek.
  • We know that voter suppression laws work, but a new study of their effects in the presidential race in Wisconsin shows just how well: in the state’s two largest countries, more than 10 percent of voters said they didn’t have the necessary ID to vote and another 6.4 percent cited the state’s voter ID law as the “main reason” they didn’t vote.
  • Graham-Cassidy, the Republicans’ latest effort to repeal Obamacare, is dead for real this time, after Maine Senator Susan Collins officially said she would vote “no” on the bill.

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