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Here’s a shocker: Donald Trump, a man who took sociopathic pleasure in “firing” people on television for over a decade and allegedly stiffed hundreds of workers and contractors, is a terrible person to work for.


The New York Times reports that Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen—who was branded one of Trump’s “fiercest loyalists” by the New Yorker just two months ago—was so thoroughly berated by Trump in front of the entire cabinet on Wednesday that she was prepared to quit, and even drafted a resignation letter, although she didn’t submit it.

Trump’s problem with Nielsen, who took over for chief of staff John Kelly in December, was that he thinks she isn’t doing enough to “solve” the problem of undocumented immigrants crossing the border. It includes this particularly good anecdote, which illustrates how Trump and his cabinet know that all of their horribly racist rhetoric about immigrants stealing jobs is total bullshit:

One person familiar with Mr. Trump’s blowup at the meeting said it was prompted by a discussion about why Mexico was not doing more to prevent illegal border crossings into the United States. Another person said the president was primarily focused on the Homeland Security Department because he viewed Ms. Nielsen as primarily responsible for keeping illegal immigrants out of the country.

During the meeting, Mr. Trump yelled about the United States’ porous border and said more needed to be done to fix it. When members of his cabinet pointed out that the country relies on day laborers who cross the border each day, Mr. Trump said that was fine, but continued to complain, one person said.


A Homeland Security spokesperson denied to the Times that Nielsen was close to quitting. In a statement to the Times, Nielsen said that Trump was “rightly frustrated that existing loopholes and the lack of congressional action have prevented this administration from fully securing the border.”

Another other point of contention between Nielsen and the president, the Times says, is that Nielsen has pushed back on Trump’s demand that parents be ripped apart from their children. “If you are smuggling a child, then we will prosecute you and that child will be separated from you as required by law,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said on Monday. “If you don’t like that, then don’t smuggle children over our border.”

According to the Times, a source close to Nielsen says she’s “miserable” in her job. It goes without saying anyone who consciously decides to work for Donald Trump deserves, at the very least, to be miserable.

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