Trump Reportedly Can't Believe This Isn't Working

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A funny thing about releasing a memo that transparently documents your corrupt efforts to influence an upcoming election: it doesn’t come close to exonerating you, but it does make you look guilty and tremendously stupid.

This is clear to anyone who’s read the White House’s memo of his call with Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky, but it is apparently quite difficult for Donald Trump’s soggy meatloaf brain to grasp. In fact, the president is reportedly shocked that his latest effort to kill an impeachment effort has completely blown up in his face.


According to CNN, Trump is genuinely flabbergasted that nothing he’s done—whether it’s calling Nancy Pelosi directly (the conversation reportedly ended with Pelosi dismissing Trump with the helpful suggestion to “tell your people to obey the law”) or declassifying a deeply self-incriminating memo—has managed to stop the impeachment juggernaut rolling directly toward him.

Per CNN, citing “sources familiar with the moment”:

[Trump] figured he could de-escalate tensions by speaking with [Pelosi] directly.

It was after that call that Trump made the decision to release an “unredacted” version of the transcript of his July call — against the advice of aides such as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who warned him it would set a risky precedent. Trump wanted to undercut the argument from Democrats that he acted inappropriately, he said, and felt he had nothing to hide.

But when the announcement he would release the transcript did little to quell the growing calls for his impeachment, Trump was in disbelief.


Weird how a personal appeal to basically leave him alone followed by releasing a document that basically screams “I did it the damn thing!” isn’t the get-out-of-jail-free card he’d hoped it would be.

And now, the president is also apparently realizing that being impeached might not be such a great thing. Again, per CNN:

But people close to him said he is not welcoming this impeachment fight. The President who keeps a careful watch on his approval numbers was unhappy.

A source close to the White House who routinely speaks with Trump confirmed he does not want to be impeached.



Axios also reported:

Friends say Trump — who remains obsessed with allegations of Russian interference even after special counsel Robert Mueller had finished — hates that this is now part of his eternal narrative.


Impeachment...not fun, and perhaps even bad for your image? Who coulda guessed!