Trump Reportedly Continuing Noble Trend of Giving Very Important Jobs to Fox News People

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The television president’s pick to replace United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley when she leaves at the end of the year is reportedly Heather Nauert, a spokeswoman for the State Department who came to the job from Fox News, according to reports from multiple outlets.

Wonder of all wonders, Fox News’ John Roberts had the scoop that Nauert’s promotion was a done deal. CNN reported on Thursday that she was Trump’s top pick after meeting with the president on Monday. The Wall Street Journal also reported the news on Tuesday.


Nauert could face an uphill confirmation battle in the Senate over her utter lack of experience in matters of diplomacy. As CNN pointed out, previous UN ambassadors have come into the role with extensive backgrounds in the realm of foreign relations, including current national security adviser John Bolton, whose years of experience molded him into a grade-A hawk. (One notable exception: Nauert’s predecessor, Nikki Haley.) But Nauert brings something far more valuable than experience to the table, in Trump’s eyes:

Nauert, who came to government from Fox News, served as State Department spokesman for both Rex Tillerson and Mike Pompeo but has enjoyed a closer relationship with Trump’s second secretary of state than she did Tillerson, who was privately skeptical of her close ties with the West Wing.

Her elevation to a top diplomatic role underscores the importance Trump has placed on having his top aides also serve as television surrogates. Nauert has briefed regularly from the State Department podium and had a long career in television news before that.


Haley’s announcement last month that she would leave the administration was a surprise even for Trump, whose tenure has seen historic staff turnover rates, but him selecting yet another ex-Fox News staffer he’s deemed loyal is far from it. Will Kimberley Guilfoyle be Trump’s next attorney general? Only time will tell.