Trump Reportedly Described the White House as a 'Real Dump'

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

That Old Dump, formerly known as the White House. In what is perhaps the least surprising statement to ever spew out of the president’s mouth, Trump reportedly called the White House a “real dump.”


While chatting with members of the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ, reported that the president was less than pleased with his new living quarters.


“Chatting with some members before a recent round of golf, he explained his frequent appearances: “That White House is a real dump.” (A White House spokesperson denies this occurred.)”

And now I can’t stop imagining Trump leaving a Yelp review of the White House: 1/5 stars. Would not stay again (for the record it has 4/5 stars).

To be completely fair, the White House might be old and drafty, but it’s most certainly not a dump. Former President Obama once described the White House as “well kept but worn, a big old house that one imagines might be a bit drafty on cold winter nights” when he visited as a senator.

Despite his slightly unflattering description, Obama followed up by saying, “Still, as I stood in the foyer and let my eyes wander down the corridors, it was impossible to forget the history that had been made there.”

Trump’s offhand attempt to impress his golf club members is, at the very least, an insult to the hundreds of thousands of Americans who don’t have a house to sleep in.