Trump Reportedly Trying to Find Non-Humiliating Way Out of Shutdown

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We’re now in week three of this incredibly stupid government shutdown—ostensibly over whether or not Donald Trump will get his border wall (slats??????), but actually about whether or not the president is a big dumb baby.

And although the president has been putting on a big tough face in public, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that privately, Trump has been looking for any way out of this unstoppably stupid dilemma that will save him as much face as possible.

Per the Journal (emphasis mine):

During a private meeting with aides at Camp David on Sunday, Mr. Trump said he wanted them to come up with a resolution to the shutdown fight that would reopen the government without him appearing to have capitulated to Democrats, a person familiar with the meeting said.


The White House denied the report to Splinter.

But, assuming it is in fact true, let’s parse this, shall we? Here we have a president—one who got in front of everybody and swore that he would happily take full credit for this shutdown—fleeing the White House over the weekend, and asking his underlings to help him make it look like he’s not caving to the Democrats, even though that’s, y’know... what he’d be doing.