Trump: Reporters Are Doing Violence to Me, Now

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President Donald Trump has a different concept of what creates violence than me, personally, and also from 49 percent of Americans, according to a new ABC/ Washington Post poll.


Before the president took off for a rally in West Virginia on Friday, ABC’s Karen Travers asked him about the poll, which found that 49 percent of Americans believe that the way the president speaks encourages violence.

The president did not agree. Instead, he said that Travers was encouraging the violence with her question about violence.

Hm. Personally, I am not sure if I agree. What sucks, however, is that according to the same poll, 47 percent of Americans do agree! They think that “the way the media reports the news” encourages violence, not the way the president talks.

This is an interesting position to hold! The president often likes to say things like, “any guy who can do a body slam, he is my type!” which would be a cool as hell thing to say if you were a wrestling promoter, but less cool when you are the president referring to an elected representative who did the body slam to a reporter. Karen Travers, on the other hand, likes to say things like, “half of Americans think you’re creating political violence based on the way you speak,” which is a statement about words, not body slamming.

There’s also the handful of times that Trump essentially told people to do violence to protesters at his rallies, but those were a while ago, so maybe we shouldn’t worry about them anymore, except maybe we should because one of Trump’s biggest rally fans sent a bunch of pipe bombs to people last week.

Contributing Writer, Splinter