Trump’s New Communications Director Announces ‘Full Transparency,’ Deletes Awkward Tweets

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Newly appointed White House communications director Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci is perfect for his new job.

Hours after accepting the new post on Friday, The Mooch began deleting a bunch of tweets that were less than flattering to his new boss. After some meddling reporters took notice and wondered why he hadn’t done this before, Scaramucci acknowledged the purge on Saturday in a self-described act of “full transparency.”


The offending tweets ranged from praise for Hillary Clinton to criticisms of Donald Trump’s proposed border wall. And an inspiring Mark Twain “quote” that would surely have the iconic humorist chortling up through the daisies. Oh wait, he didn’t delete that one:

As the Daily Beast reported, in December 2015, Scaramucci had this to say about Trump’s bold (and soon-to-be-bankrupt) border wall idea: “Walls don’t work. Never have never will. The Berlin Wall 1961-1989 don’t fall for it.”

Smart guy.

Compare that to a Fox News tweet that he retweeted on Saturday, and voilà! Transformation complete:


We also learned that the new director of messaging on the sinking Titanic that is the White House these days donated to both Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns. He voted for Bill Clinton. And in April 2012, he tweeted, “‘…if Hillary keeps this up, she might be back in play for 2016…’ I hope she runs, she is incredibly competent.”

It’s good that he’s well–versed on Hillary, because his new boss (he apparently will report directly to Trump) seems to dwell on her a lot. Trump was still thinking about her on Saturday, 256 days after she conceded defeat in last year’s presidential election.


By deleting his discomfiting tweets, Scaramucci has shown that he can think quickly on his feet and react promptly to media attacks bubbling out of the “swamp” in Washington, a requisite for the job, even if he doesn’t have much experience in communications. And anyway, since this is the internet, he can always go back and recover them if he needs to.


Plus, he’s tough:


But Twitter isn’t really what Scaramucci needs to worry about right now. According to Mother Jones, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been going after him for possibly breaking the law during a meeting last January in Switzerland, in which he allegedly discussed business with “the head of a Russian sovereign wealth fund that is under US sanctions” while he was advising Trump’s transition team.

According to Mother Jones:

The day after the meeting with Dmitriev, Scaramucci told the Russian state news agency TASS that US sanctions on Russia don’t work. “I think the sanctions had in some ways an opposite effect because of Russian culture,” he said. “I think the Russians would eat snow if they had to. And so for me the sanctions probably galvanized the nation with the nation’s president.”


Well said, comrade. Welcome aboard.

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