Trump’s Twitter Feed Is Pure White Fear Right Now

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On Wednesday, President Donald Trump shared what just might be the most nakedly racist, fear-mongering, xenophobic “campaign” “ad” in the history of the White House.

The expletive-filled spot’s message is clear: “Vote for Republicans, or a mob of brown people will literally murder you.”


The ad is clearly insane, and comes as the capstone to a day punctuated with increasingly unhinged messages from the President of the United States, whose public descent into pre-midterm election madness has primarily taken place—where else?—on Twitter.

There, in less than 24 hours, the president has conjured an entirely fictional narrative of street fighting migrants overwhelming Mexico’s armed forces:

Shared a self-complimentary supercut of a domestic terrorism crime scene:


Just straight up lied:


Talked shit about the second most powerful Republican in Washington:


Used a somber memorial service as a springboard for what might be his first original political endorsement in months:


And scared the bejeezus out of “low information voters” with this video promising IMMEDIATE RIOTS if Democrats are elected.


Six more days of this, folks. And based on the president’s tweets today, we should brace ourselves for things to get much, much worse before we can begin to hope they’ll get any better.

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