Trump Says Calling Sen. Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas’ Is ‘An Insult to Pocahontas’

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President Donald Trump, the self–described “least racist person,” again used a racial slur on national television to attack Sen. Elizabeth Warren by calling her “Pocahontas.”


Trump was speaking during a Sunday morning interview with Fox and Friends contributor and Trump cheerleader Pete Hegseth, whose Twitter profile pic shows him unabashedly posing with a smiling President T.

If you’ve spent any time in the parallel universe that is Fox News, where fact is fiction and “news” anchors refer to rival media organizations as “the failing New York Times,” Sunday morning’s interview with Trump revealed nothing new. But it remains disconcerting that a sitting U.S. president should be allowed by the American public to continue referring to a senator in such racist, sexist language.

Hegseth, for his part, can’t be expected to call Trump out on such misbehavior, setting up questions with chummy softballs like, “Who’s been your biggest resistance? Democrats? Fake news media?”

And the irony of Trump complaining in a rant about “the resistance” and describing those who oppose his treacherous reign of buffoonery as “obstructionists” is almost sadly amusing. But Trump claims to be speaking on behalf of the “people of this country” when he reverts to his racist attacks, and he should be held accountable.

“I think it’s a terrible thing for people of this country—resist, obstruction—that’s not what they want,” Trump says at the end of the above clip.


Next comes Hegseth’s setup, read from a phone because he presumably wants to get it exactly right: “How you do you overcome that when someone like Senator Warren (garble), Elizabeth Warren literally says, ‘People are going to DIE because of President Trump’s health care bill?’”

Trump: “Well, I actually think she’s a hopeless case. I call her Pocahontas, and that’s an insult to Pocahontas. I actually think that she is just somebody that’s got a lot of hatred, a lot of anger.”



Project much, Mr. President?

Weekend Editor, Splinter