Trump Says He Definitely Predicted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Huge Victory, Only 2 Months Late

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No one in the political establishment, on either side of the aisle, believed in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s longshot campaign to unseat longtime Democratic Congressman Joe Crowley ahead of her stunning victory in June. Except, apparently, President Trump, who said in a Thursday interview—almost exactly two months after Ocasio-Cortez’s victory—that he definitely saw this one coming.

“So I’m watching television and I see this young woman on television and I say, ‘who’s that?’” Trump said during an Oval Office interview with Bloomberg News. “Oh, she’s campaigning against Joe. You know who Joe is, right? Queens. Crowley. So, I say, ah, let me just watch her for a second. Wonderful thing, TiVo. So you go back. Hah. Tell him he’s going to lose.”

Wonderful thing, TiVo.

He added one caveat: “Now, I don’t agree with her views. Her views are terrible.” Indeed: her stated positions to abolish ICE, extend access to affordable healthcare to all Americans, and avowed opposition to capitalism—definitely all bad, and that’s from the terrible man himself!


How exactly does this mesh with the notion of a coming electoral “red wave” that Trump is often hyping on Twitter? He doesn’t say. But know this: Trump, unlike basically everyone else with any power, definitely saw this coming. Oh, except when he tweeted, right after Ocasio-Cortez won, “that is a big one that nobody saw happening.”