Trump Says Questions About His Unbelievably Racist Ad Are 'Offensive'

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

When even Fox News thinks an ad is too offensive to air on its network, you’d best believe that ad is pretty goddamn bad. And, in the case of President Donald Trump’s closing midterm message—hoooo boy, does it bury the needle on the extremely fucking racist-o-meter.


But despite the fact that he once had this lie-filled dog whistle pinned to the top of his Twitter feed, the President of the United States on Monday attempted to play dumb and “I know what you are, but what am I?” his way out of answering to charges of racism when asked about the ad by the White House press corps.

Honestly, the fact that Trump took the “well, I’ve got so many extremely racist ads I can’t keep track of them all, and besides, my extremely racist fans sure do love ‘em” route would be impressive in its brazenness if it wasn’t so depressingly predictable at this point.

Also depressingly predictable was the president’s next comment, in which this poor delicate snowflake redirected his outrage at being asked about the fact that he is astonishingly racist by whining about the press corps themselves.

“A lot of things are offensive,” Trump said, presumably while filling his XL Huggies. “Your questions are offensive.” Checkmate, press.

There’s less than 24 hours until the midterm elections, folks. And I bet things are only gonna get worse before then.

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