Trump Signs Tax Bill He Insists Is Popular in Hasty Quiet Ceremony for Some Reason


Well, it’s official.

Just before heading south for the winter like some overstuffed bird (Turkey? Puffin? Porg?) President Donald Trump put pen to paper on Friday and turned one of the most unpopular legislative bills in modern American history into one of its most unpopular laws—a $1.5 trillion dollar tax plan that effectively screws over everyone who isn’t already fabulously wealthy.


Insisting to the White House press pool gathered in the Oval Office that “the numbers will speak,” Trump signed the legislation without the sort of fanfare he’s previously employed for far less significant measures. There was no huge public ceremony or celebratory speeches. The demure semi-public signing came after earlier reports that the event was to be closed to the press, and done entirely in private.

Earlier Friday morning, Trump tweeted that his tax plan was “big and very popular.”


However, only a third of Americans actually approve of the legislation, with the the GOP being forced to roll out a $1 million media blitz to convince the public to love a bill they claim “sells itself.”

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