Trump Stops Pretending He Opposed Racist Chant and Starts Smearing Ilhan Omar Again

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Because this is a story that won’t die, President Trump opened up a predictable new front in his war against Ilhan Omar and the progressive Squad on Friday by attacking the “crazed” media for covering his supporters’ racist rally chants at all.

Trump tweeted:


Trump was referring to his supporters chanting “send her back” at his mention of Omar at a rally in North Carolina on Wednesday night, a message indistinguishable from his original tweets that Omar and her cohort should “go back” to where them come from. Yesterday, Trump lied through his teeth about trying to shut the chants down, saying, “I was not happy with it.” Friday’s tweets would appear to indicate that he’s done telling that lie.

Through it all, Omar is responding like a class act. And when you’re fighting a losing battle like Trump is—Omar was even received warmly by her supporters arriving home in Minnesota on Thursday night—tweeting like a madman is all you’re left with.

Managing Editor, Splinter

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