Trump takes credit for Ford plant not relocating to Mexico (it was never going to)

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Donald Trump once again appears to be overstating his negotiating skills.

On Thursday night the Twitter-happy president-elect claimed he had successfully stopped the Ford Motor Company from relocating one of its assembly plants from Kentucky to Mexico.


But the company says it never planned to close the plant or even reduce jobs there, according to NPR.

Instead, the company was reportedly planning to relocate production of its Lincoln MKC utility vehicle to Mexico to make more room at the Kentucky plant to scale-up production on the Ford Escape. But the company changed its plans and will now keep Lincoln production at the Kentucky plant and make fewer Escapes there, according to the New York Times.

Either way, the Kentucky plant wasn't going anywhere and Trump probably didn't save any jobs. Ford does, however, plan to move forward on moving other small-car production to Mexico.

"We're going forward with our plan to move production of the Ford Focus to Mexico, and importantly that's to make room for two very important products we'll be putting back into Michigan plants," Ford CEO Mark Fields told Reuters last week during the Los Angeles Auto Show. "There will be no job impact whatsoever with this move."


Fusion reached out to Ford for comment but didn't receive an immediate response.

During the primaries, Trump called Ford’s plans to invest $1.6 billion to build a new factory in Mexico “an absolute disgrace” and promised to impose tariffs on U.S. companies that move to Mexico.


“These ridiculous, job-crushing transactions will not happen when I am president,” he promised.

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