Trump Tells His Supporters: 'Deplorables' Are So 'Hot' Right Now!!!

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In a call with supporters to celebrate his first 500 days in office on Monday, President Donald Trump praised his “deplorables,” telling Republican activists: “We’re the hot ones right now.”

That nauseating soundbite was reported by BuzzFeed News, which was on the monthly call with GOP officials across the country when Trump made a surprise appearance on the line from the Oval Office.

“You remember Hillary Clinton calling everybody deplorables? We were the deplorables,” Trump said on the call, according to the site. “Well the deplorables, we’re the hot ones right now. They’re all trying to figure out how do we get the deplorables on our side, right? So we’re all deplorables together.”


The president also found time during the 15-minute-long call to take a jab at mortally ill Senator John McCain for his critical vote against the Republicans’ Obamacare “skinny repeal” bill last fall.

“We had it done except for one vote, and that one vote was a very sad situation—thumbs down,” the president said, calling back to McCain’s theatrical pre-dawn vote. “You remember that. We all remember it well.”

He also warned against the Republicans getting complacent heading into the midterms, noting that “the other side is really, really angry.”

“They’re energized, and not for good. They’re energized for a lot of bad things to happen,” Trump said.


It is true that the president’s coterie is “hot” right now—at least in terms of drawing unprecedented ethical scrutiny, spending all its energy trying to combat a sweeping investigation, and generally getting almost nothing accomplished. A lot for voters to take into account come November!

Managing Editor, Splinter

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