Trump threatens UC Berkeley after violent protests shut down speech by notorious right-wing troll

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After protesters on the University of California, Berkeley, campus shut down a scheduled talk by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos on Wednesday night, President Donald Trump tweeted a threat to the school's federal funding.


Oddly enough, Trump's tweet came shortly after a Fox News commentary segment early Thursday morning suggested pulling the public university should lose funding over the protests, which wouldn't be the first time the timing suggested Trump was live-tweeting his morning Fox News viewing.

Protests over Yiannopoulos' appearance–which have been a frequent occurrence as the conservative troll tours college campuses–turned chaotic at Berkeley as protesters shot off fireworks, broke windows, and set fires before the event was cancelled.

Although the protests began peacefully, anti-fascist activists began clashing with police, who reportedly responded by firing non-lethal weapons on the crowd. Protesters also seized police barricades to smash the windows at an Amazon store on campus at the school's Martin Luther King Jr. student union.


At least two people were injured in the fray, including one pro-Trump counter-protester.

In a statement, the university blamed the violence on around 150 masked activists who arrived wearing black, a minority of the nearly 1,500 who turned out to protest the event hosted by the College Republicans.