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President Donald Trump wrapped up his busy July 4th weekend of golf and golf-related lies with an inevitable Twitter hissy fit against his (former?) favorite cable outlet, Fox News, which spanned near four hours.

Here we gooooo:


It’s not entirely clear what, exactly, set the president off this time—perhaps Fox’s live coverage of a bar full of French patrons shouting “fuck Trump” during the network’s World Cup broadcast on Sunday?


Although this may have been Trump’s most conspiracy-minded broadside attack on Fox News, it’s far from the first time he’s lashed out at the network. At a MAGA rally this past May, the president mused that “something strange is going on at Fox, folks. Something very strange,” accusing them of “putting more Democrats on than you have Republicans.”

Should Trump finally shut the door on Fox (which feels deeply unlikely, given that some of the network’s top hosts are also his de facto policy advisors) the even-more-unhinged One America News Network is already waiting in the wings, ready to pick up the televised brown-nosing where Fox left off.

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