Trump Tweets That He's Giving Out Fake News Awards and We Can't Wait

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On Tuesday evening, just 16 minutes after his latest absolutely terrifying threat of nuclear war, President Donald John Trump tweeted the most special of announcements to his 45 million-plus followers:

Unlike most Trump tweets that veer towards the frustrating and frightening side of the continuum, this is the good kind of stupid Trump tweet. This is the kind of Trump tweet that shows his energy is (thankfully) being directed towards petty beefs, and he did it so bombastically that you don’t even care that he took decades of GOP attacks on the media to their logical extreme.


This whole media distrust thing is bad, and we know it, but he’s doing a bad media fake news award show! On Twitter! That’s adorable! It’s so delightfully stupid that it sounds like it’s going to be a blast as it’s going on. With Trump pushing an event with a start time, this could be his longest tweetstorm yet, and he told us all about it six days in advance. We have a week to obsess over this in a vicious feedback loop even if he never says another word about it until Monday, or, even better, if 5:00 p.m. comes and goes without a peep of an award ceremony.

Meanwhile, a dozen minutes after announcing the Trumpies (a presentation of The Most Dishonest and Corrupt Media Academy of Arts and Sciences), the president also implored the country to watch tonight’s Hannity on Fox News:

We’ll update this post if that proclamation has anything of note to do with the Trumpies, but I suspect it might: In the last full segment of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Hannity’s lead-in, on Tuesday, Carlson had Joe Concha, The Hill’s media reporter, on to discuss 2017's “media fails.” Then Sean Hannity himself prefaced his opening monologue with a mention of Trump’s latest tweetstorm is driving “the left” crazy.

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