Trump Uses Soldiers’ Graves as Backdrop for Shit-Talking Fox News Interview

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

President Donald Trump visited Normandy on Thursday, where he read a prepared speech commemorating the 75th anniversary of D-Day and thrilled cable TV pundits with his ability to say the nice words in the right order.


This isn’t to say the president’s visit was completely embarrassment-free. Because, despite the solemnity of the occasion, Trump prefaced his speech by trashing both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Robert Mueller with the graves of the same dead soldiers he was there to memorialize in the backdrop for a Fox News interview.

In a sit-down with Laura Ingraham, Trump bashed Mueller as someone who “made such a fool of himself” and labeled Pelosi “Nervous Nancy,” calling her a “disaster” who he thinks is “in big trouble.”

Pelosi, for her part, declined to take Trump’s bait, telling reporters she wouldn’t “talk about the president while I’m out of the country.”

Network mics evidently couldn’t pick up the low whirring sound of thousands of D-Day soldiers spinning wildly in their graves while the current commander-in-chief used their graves as props for his petty shit-talking.

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