Trump Wakes Up Extremely Ready to Show the World How Much He Loves Firefighters

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Being a firefighter is a good and honorable job, like being a teacher or an ice cream truck driver. Everyone likes firefighters, and everyone wants firefighters to like them—especially politicians.

At least some of this country’s firefighters like Joe Biden. On Monday, the International Association of Fire Fighters endorsed him for president. That fact did not seem to sit well with President Trump, who woke up on Wednesday, combined through Dan Bongino’s mentions—after the right-wing podcast host posted about the IAFF’s endorsement—and smashed that retweet button a whole bunch of times.


Just look at all this shit!


NBC News reported he’s fired off 59 retweets so far, which is a deeply excessive number to me. Then again, who knows? If there were dozens of firefighters pledging their love and allegiance to me online (there aren’t... yet) maybe I would smash that MF-in RT button as well. Still, pretty weird morning! Calm down dude! Go back to bed for a minute!


Then he finally fired off a tweet of his own:


The sad part of this is the entire meltdown fits right in with the Trump administration’s goals—he now has a nice political peg for rabid anti-union and anti-labor messaging. In the end, considering the massive list of benefits the IAFF and other unions provide their members, it’s undoubtedly the rank and file who will end up paying the price.

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