As you may recall, last year a confused-looking Trump wandered away from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a press conference in Israel. Staff had to retrieve him.


In Poland, Trump delivered a speech, clapped for himself, adjusted his suit, smiled, and then strolled to a random spot on stage for no apparent reason other than to enjoy some live music away from the bullet-proof shield that was supposed to have protected him.

Descending from Air Force One, Trump once dodged the presidential motorcade parked directly in front of him and wandered off onto the tarmac. He was quickly guided back to the enormous black vehicle awaiting him with open doors and several Secret Service agents.

And then there was the ceremony in which Trump was supposed to sign an executive order, but forgot. He thanked his audience, shook a few hands, and then tried to bolt. “Mr. President, you need to sign it,” Vice President Mike Pence reminded him.

What the hell is wrong with this guy?