Trump will have to extend his Mexico border wall to fence in The New York Times

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After famously calling Mexicans "rapists" during the launch of his presidential bid last June, The Donald has made his broken-record calls for a Mexican-financed border wall a central part of his Trump Stump on the campaign trail.


But this week the GOP frontrunner added another equally incredulous talking point to his Mexico rants: That The New York Times attacks him because “it’s owned by Mexico.”

Hours before he won the Nevada caucuses, Trump whipped up an excitable crowd of supporters in Sparks, Nevada with a diatribe against the media and—specifically— The New York Times for peddling “stupid news.”


Trump's angry anti-media rants have become uncomfortable for other journalists covering his campaign as well.

But Trump doesn't care. He just keeps pushing and won't let the facts get in the way of a good diatribe.

“I know why I get bad treatment in The New York Times: because it’s owned by Mexico,” Trump said. “I don’t know if you know. A rich guy in Mexico actually has power at The New York Times. I wonder why they don’t like us, you know? I just wonder.”


Some supporters in the crowd on Tuesday responded with shouts of “Build the wall!” (You can watch his comments here starting at the 6:50 mark).

The “rich guy in Mexico” that Trump referred to is Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, one of the world's richest men. Slim loaned The New York Times $250 million in 2009 to help the paper refinance its debt during the height of the financial crisis, and has since become one of the largest single shareholders in the media company, holding nearly 17% of its common shares.


The majority owner of The New York Times is still the Sulzberger family, which owns more than 80 percent of the company with special voting shares, and is decidedly not Mexican.

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