Trump Would 'Prefer' No One Make Racist Chants at His Rally & He Really Means It!

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Donald Trump spoke with reporters outside the White House today just before departing for tonight’s big rally in Cincinnati, and he had some interesting thoughts on what will happen if the crowd revives the Ilhan Omar-directed “Send Her Back” chant that reverberated through last month’s rally in Greenville, NC.

“I can’t tell you whether or not they are going to do that chant,” he said, according to video captured by CNN. “If they do the chant, we’ll have to see what happens.”

And what will the president, who will presumably be speaking into a very loud microphone and have the power to command the crowd, do, if his adoring fans devolve into unabashed racism?


“I don’t know that you can stop people. We’ll see what we can do,” he said.

So, does the president—who, again, will be wielding a megaphone, into which he can loudly say something like, I don’t know, “Stop chanting,”—want the crowd to make ominous threats against a sitting member of Congress?


“I’d prefer that they don’t,” he said. “But if they do it, we’ll have to make a decision.”

At the Greenville rally, the “decision” Trump made when the crowd started chanting was to wait patiently for them to finish, before continuing to attack her. Indeed, when the chant started, he even appeared to nod along. Interesting!


It certainly seems, from the above video, that there was plenty of opportunity for Trump to tell the crowd to quiet down, as I’m sure he could do if the same thing happens tonight. But he’s already gone on record saying he’s powerless to stop his fans from behaving deplorably, and so he’s free, once again, to incite hate, then sit back and do nothing when that hate takes hold. He would much rather it didn’t, of course, but if it does, it’s not his fault! Can’t wait to see how this turns out.