Trump Would Rather Jeff Sessions' Political Career Stay Dead, Thank You Very Much

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Over the past several months, it’s been reported that former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is weighing a bid for his old U.S. Senate seat from Alabama. According to Alabama’s other senator, he will probably not be able to count on the support of President Donald Trump.


Sen. Richard Shelby, the senior Alabama senator and a fellow Republican, told the Hill on Thursday that Trump was “not encouraging” about Sessions potentially making a second Senate bid.

I did talk to [Sessions]. I talked to the president about...if Sessions ran, he was not encouraging,” Shelby told the Hill. “How do I say it? He was not on board, OK?”


Trump fired Sessions last year, after basically a year and a half of wanting to fire him over his handling of the Russia probe.

Shelby said Sessions would be “formidable,” but might “struggle if the president was against him,” and that Sessions would have to “ask himself why would he want to come up here.”

Trump has already come out against the Senate candidacy of Roy Moore, the accused pedophile and former Senate candidate who lost Sessions’ old seat to Doug Jones in 2017. Looks like former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville might just be the guy to get that extremely coveted, extremely generic Trump endorsement.

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