Trump: Yeah, I Did the Bad Thing, So What?

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As Democrats finally begin to rev their engines over allegations that President Donald Trump withheld aid to Ukraine in an effort to push the country to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Trump gleefully poured a tank of gasoline on the impeachment kindling on Tuesday by admitting that yes, he had blocked the money in question.

Speaking with reporters outside of the United Nations General Assembly hall, Trump said, “Those funds were paid, were fully paid,” but added, “I’d withhold again.”


Trump’s admission was at odds with a Washington Post report the previous evening, in which Trump was described as withholding the funds while he sniffed out if the new Ukrainian president was “corrupt,” and not—as he claimed today—that he was waiting for other countries to pay their share.

Seems pretty sketchy! Like, maybe he should get his story straight before just blabbing things to the press? Congress should probably should investigate all this stuff ASAP, if you ask me!