Trump's America So Racist That Americans Are Being Attacked in America for Being American

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It’s a sad day in America: a regular American has been ruthlessly bashed by an intolerant bigot, in retaliation for America’s intolerant bigotry against non-Americans. Is anyone safe from bashing, these days?


William Seifert, an 85 year old Queens resident, was minding his own business last week when a man walked up and asked him if he was an American. An American? Sure, he acknowledge. And at at that, DNAInfo reports, the man yelled “you are attacking immigrants!” and punched him square in the face.

Though Seifert himself displayed remarkable modesty and good cheer in the face of the punch (His quote: “One punch was enough, I went down right away”), the rest of Natural Born America cannot be so demure. To all non-Americans within our borders, allow us to make one thing absolutely clear: We elected Donald Trump president in order to degrade, stereotype, stigmatize, and unjustly attack non-Americans. Not to have non-Americans do it to us. You wanna bash people for being different than you? Go back to our own country and do it.

Stop stealing our ideas!

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