Trump's Aretha Franklin 'Tribute' Makes Me Want to Break Things

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Aretha Franklin, a genius, a legend, the greatest of all time, is dead. This is bad enough. But what’s even worse is that she had to die while Donald fucking Trump is the president of the United States.


Trump (or, more likely, his handlers) wrote an anodyne tweet honoring her, but he also spoke about her at an event, and that’s where the “real” Trump shone through. Here’s how the press pool report from BuzzFeed’s Tarini Parti summed up Trump’s solemn remembrance of this icon (emphasis mine):

Trump offered his warmest best wishes [ed. note: WTF?] and sympathies to the family of Aretha Franklin. He described her as a person he knew well and who worked for him [ed. note: are you fucking kidding me???]. Trump also said her legacy will thrive and inspire many generations.

“Maybe it’s better in the actual quote,” you may be thinking. Nope!

I know there are things that Trump has done that have caused more, like, human suffering than this. But come ON. Fuck you!!!

Anyway, long live the queen. Cleanse yourself with this.

Deputy Editor, Splinter