Trump's Bad Day Is Getting Even Worse

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With the revelation that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, the president was already having a bad day today. A new report this afternoon about his old lawyer Michael Cohen might make it even worse.


According to Vanity Fair, it’s now “common knowledge” in Cohen’s inner circle that he’s talking to Mueller’s team. While it’s not yet clear what Cohen has to share with the special counsel, the attorney was a longtime confidante of Trump’s and, in addition to being closely involved in the real estate mogul paying off Stormy Daniels, allegedly effectively sold companies and foreign governments access to the president.

Cohen is already cooperating with the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, having pleaded guilty last month to eight felonies including tax evasion and campaign finance violations. Trump, uh, didn’t take the news so well.

Hilariously, Trump’s bad reaction to Cohen’s cooperation has reportedly made him even more determined to fuck over his old boss. Per Vanity Fair:

As one longtime friend of Cohen’s put it to me, “He doesn’t feel he needs to go out of his way to protect Trump anymore, particularly because Trump has gone out of his way to hurt Michael.” Earlier this week, Cohen and his attorney sat down with New York state tax-department officials, who subpoenaed him last month as part of their inquiry into the Trump Foundation.

According to people close to him, Cohen closely watched the White House’s reaction to his allocution in court last month. He listened as Trump railed against anyone who makes a plea deal, telling Fox News that cooperating with the government “almost ought to be outlawed.” And he has bristled at the feeling that he has taken the fall for a man who has refused to take any responsibility or face any consequence himself. In conversations with Mueller’s team, he is making good on what he told ABC earlier this summer: that his loyalty to Trump is no longer his lodestar.

In other words: Trump being a giant asshole appears to be backfiring yet again. What a shocker.

News editor, Splinter