Trump's Big Wall Speech Is Reportedly Being Written by His Favorite Racist

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There’s no telling what, exactly, President Donald Trump is going to say when he gets in front of TV cameras in the Oval Office on Tuesday night. We know he’s gonna call for his fabled wall. He’s probably gonna whine that Democrats are to blame for the current government shutdown. But as for specifics, it’s anyone’s guess.

Having said that, there’s good reason to expect the absolute worst from Trump’s primetime pontification. That’s because according to White House reporter April Ryan, the president’s speech is being authored by arguably the biggest racist in the entire administration: Dick-voiced male pattern baldness poster boy Stephen Miller, whom Ryan referred to as Trump’s “favorite immigration guru.”

Miller, for those of you who need a horrible, horrible, refresher, is one of the chief architects of some of the Trump administration’s worst policies: The Muslim travel ban, family separation at the border, and assaults on legal immigration. He reportedly laughed at the president’s racist jokes, and is odious enough that even his own extended family thinks he’s an absolute garbage person. Hell, the guy’s own childhood rabbi spent Rosh Ha’shanah telling his congregation how much Miller sucks.


True to form, Ryan claims Miller’s speech is going to be less about specific plans to fix the immigration system as a whole, and more about just being viscerally racist. “[The speech] is not as cohesive and coherent, I hear, as it relates to immigration policy, sound immigration policy,” Ryan told CNN’s Don Lemon. “This [speech] is about a wall to keep brown people out.”

Trump is scheduled to make his address at 9 p.m. EST. It will be broadcast on all major TV and cable news networks. It’s gonna be awful. You’ve been warned.