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“If she were not campaigning for Donald Trump, I would be very happy for her business and proud of her success. But I think she is being used to whitewash the candidate and make him more palatable,” Shannon Coulter, who is leading an online boycott of Ivanka Trump's line of clothing and jewelry, told the Guardian Friday.

It is just the latest sign of the furthering depreciation of Trump's brand as his toxic, nationalist campaign continues; bookings and foot traffic are down at many of his properties, and his new line of Soho House-inspired "hotels for millennials" don't even feature his name.

Coulter, a marketing specialist in the Bay Area, launched her #GrabYourWallet campaign against Ivanka Trump's brand on Twitter October 11th, which later earned the dubious support of Don Cheadle.


A spokesperson for Ivanka issued a nonresponse to a request for comment from the Guardian: “We are proud that our business is growing rapidly and that our brand resonates strongly with women who are inspired by our messaging and excited about the polished and chic solution-oriented products that we offer.” Is that really what's going on here?

Sam Stecklow is the Weekend Editor for Fusion.