Bloomberg via Getty Images

Donald Trump's hotels have suffered since he announced his campaign, with bookings made through one travel site dropping some 58 percent and foot traffic at some of his major hotels, including Trump SoHo, Trump Taj Mahal, and Trump Tower Chicago down 17 to 24 percent, according to FourSquare. (The data has been refuted by both Ivanka Trump and a spokesperson for the Trump Organization.)

His brand is clearly suffering. Of his latest venture, a hotel at the Old Post Office on Pennsylvania Avenue, down the street from the White House—that he promoted at a bizarre press conference before addressing his birther comments—a local Washington, D.C. resident who works near the location told New York, “You don’t see taxis stopping by like they do at the Marriott or the Willard, which are nearby. It’s dark. There is no feeling of hospitality.… It’s a shame that it is called Trump because it’s a beautiful property. But overall, his brand is hurting."

So much a shame, it seems, that the latest sign of his brand's demise is the name of his new "luxury hotels, geared towards millennials": Scion. That's it, Scion. Sounds evil. Where are you staying? Scion. Oh. (I'm horrified to think of what they would be called had Trump not run for president and continued being a bumbling businessman.)

Anyway, the press release says the hotels will be modeled on Soho House, so get ready, world, for the combination of the two worst things about your life to morph into some awful evil creature called Scion.

Sam Stecklow is the Weekend Editor for Fusion.